Laser Surface Cleaning for Classic Vehicles in Canada

Vintage and Classic Vehicle Applications 

Vintage and valuable vehicles are the pride and glory of their owners, and we understand that. It’s important to keep your classic beauty in near-mint to mint condition, as you might showcase it at car rallies, at vintage shows, or in movie or television production. Restoring antique, exotic, or classic cars can be an extremely difficult task. It’s extremely important to maintain as much of the original material as possible. LaserClean offers unique laser surface cleaning for classic vehicles in Canada. Our technologically advanced cleaning system keeps your vintage vehicle in pristine condition. Avoid traditional abrasive, harmful surface cleaning techniques and let our skilled team work with you to provide the quality results you’re looking for. 

Classic Vehicle Restoration 

The biggest downside of sandblasting is that it is very abrasive. While the quick removal of rust is a positive of this process, it becomes negative if the vehicle is particularly rusty. The abrasive sand rips away any part of the car that is vulnerable, so small spots of rust are removed simultaneously with large rust areas. This may leave you with more body panel repairs than expected. Secondly, you should make allowances for generated heat while you sandblast. This means you must take relevant safety precautions while sandblasting. Additionally, you must be careful not to overheat the body panels as this would warp their shapes. 

Laser Cleaning uses no abrasives or blast media, so there is no secondary waste to clean up afterward. Laser cleaning can be incredibly delicate, enough so that markings from a lead pencil can be removed from a sheet of paper, and yet it is strong and controlled enough to remove rust from a car panel. 

The ability to target a laser in the nooks and crannies of a hinge or precision clean a door without compromising the seals, are just some of the many advantages of laser cleaning. We can remove paint, undercoating, carbon deposits, and rust from the body parts without affecting the metal. By tuning the laser, we can clean without the worry of warping or damaging thin metals. 

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