Vapor Honing Sales and Services

Vapor blasting equipment for sale with Vapor Honing is like using the Lamborghini of blasting equipment. We manufacture vapor blasting equipment for sale built and engineered by users of blasting equipment bringing in a vast amount of mechanical knowledge. Since all of our products were designed by users this means we are focused on bringing the best user experience. In 2018 VHT decided that all vapor blasting equipment for sale is backed by a lifetime warranty yes you read this right a lifetime warranty. We have had huge success in all major markets and still strive to sale and build the best equipment in the world. Of course what good is a machine that cant be supported and repaired when it breaks. That’s why we’ve invested in high quality employees for the sales and after sales support part of the business.

We have a wide range of equipment offerings from the hobbyist level of products up to large industrial heavy duty machines built to run 24/7. We take the vapor blasting equipment line seriously and build products that last along with the best warranty in the industry.

Applications of Vapor Honing

Advantages of Wet Blasting

Vapor Honing example
An example of Vapor Honing on an engine block