Industrial Laser Cleaning in Oil, Gas, and Energy Sectors

As the backbone of our world, the energy sector is extremely important. Oil, gas, hydroelectricity, nuclear, wind-powered, and geothermal energies are all complex entities. The infrastructure required to deliver this energy and the plants themselves need constant cleaning and regular inspection to ensure smooth operation. When you consider it from a safety and regulation perspective, it’s no secret that the stakes are high. As an eco-friendlier cleaning option to traditional surface cleaning, laser cleaning does not emit harmful elements. This added level of health security for your team is a major benefit. LaserClean offers a laser cleaning process that works quickly and at a lower cost, saving you time and money. With enhanced levels of control, our highly precise cleaning techniques will help you get the job done.  

Industrial laser cleaning in oil, gas, and energy sectors is a viable solution to clean and de-coat just about any metallic surface, with very little disturbance to the surrounding area. Whether it’s coating removal for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or removing accumulated contamination of many types, laser cleaning is a viable solution. Whether the solution is weld verification, where cleaning a paint or insulator is needed, cleaning joints for pipe fitting and repairs, general cleaning of oil stains and contamination, the possibilities for laser cleaning are endless.