New industrial laser cleaning service opens in Ontario

Toronto, Ontario – A first of its kind laser cleaning and restoration service has just been launched in Ontario.  Laser Clean will bring environmentally friendly solutions to industrial and commercial businesses across Canada and in North America.

LaserClean has full, mobile delivery capabilities, which means the company can bring the laser beam cleaning technology right to your project site. With this technology, LaserClean offers an alternative to the chemicals and abrasive blasting systems currently in use for surface cleanings. The laser allows for high precision cleaning while it removes contaminates, impurities, and debris without the waste, by-products, off-gassing, vapors, or other environmental damage that result from traditional surface cleaning methods.

Owner Ed Gledhill is excited to introduce this state-of-the-art, Belgian technology to Canada. He is sure that LaserClean’s commitment to excellent service and adhering to government regulations will allow the company to “expand the laser beam technology and mobile cleaning services to become the market leader.” 

LaserClean’s solution is the QF 500W, which is manufactured by P-Laser. According to P-Laser, the innovative and turnkey technology is ideal for “larger mold cleaning or industrially stripping paint, grease or rust from large surfaces.” The laser light used in this technology is precise, which allows it to easily remove contaminates like rust, dirt, and oxides from a broad array of industrial surfaces, while leaving the underlying surface untouched.

In a Road and Track article, Bob Sorokanich reported that the short pulses of laser light used by the technology leave “nothing but a clean surface ready for welding or painting.”

LaserClean is the result of Gledhill’s years of experience in the commercial mobile cleaning industry. He also owns and operates TeamSteam, a conventional pressure washing cleaning service in the Greater Toronto area.

Gledhill is determined to maximize his life’s experiences and expertise to bring cleaning solutions to Canada that will save time, money, and the environment and at the same time exceed customer expectations. Part of the purpose of LaserClean will be to provide rewarding careers for dedicated employees.

To see the technology in action, watch this demonstration video:

To learn more about LaserClean’s services, or to schedule a cleaning, visit

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