LaserClean is a mobile Laser Cleaning business founded by Ed Gledhill and is headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area. Our mission is to unlock the potential of what can be cleaned, restored and prepared in the most effective manner using laser technology.

Our founder is a serial entrepreneur, having been a student painter for two summer seasons he decided to buy his own equipment and take a stab at operating his own small business at the age of 17.

Drawing on Ed’s passion for results, when he discovered that the laser technology existed he immediately knew his skills and passion were a perfect fit for this new technology and new challenge, LaserClean was becoming a reality.

We plan to partner with the top talent in the field to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients. As LaserClean produces exceptional results our planned strategic alliance with various channel partners shall complete an end to end process.

British Columbia

Brian Fischer

Born in small of Valleyview, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Brian graduated high school and found work in the oil fields during the fall and winter months, and construction in the off-season.  

In 2005, my family and Brian moved to Kelowna, BC, where he worked in stone masonry, a trade he started to learn back in Valleyview. Fast forward to 2012, where Brian started tile setting and soon after became sole proprietor, of his own stone and tile business.

During that time, a friend showed Brian a video of the first fiber laser he had seen.  He was amazed at what it could do, but had no means to acquire this expensive equipment.

In 2017, Brian’s extended family and he, having found the proof of our ancestry, pursued our native background of Cree, Blackfoot, and Ojibwe.  This encouraged him to start looking at government programs that would provide financial assistance to start a laser company.  

In 2021 Brian discovered LaserClean, a company that specializes in laser cleaning services, rentals and equipment ownership.  Brian contacted the President, Ed Gledhill, to find out more about LaserClean and during that conversation Ed informed Brian that he wanted to eventually start franchising.  

Brian phoned Ed this spring 2022, and he informed Brian he was ready to start Licensing and the timing was perfect, Brian was ready to be a licensee. It didn’t take Brian long to see that LaserClean was a company he wanted to become a part of, and help grow. Brian would also be the company’s first licensee in western Canada.  

Brian has always been looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, and finally found it with Ed and LaserClean.

New Brunswick

Mike Anthony

Coming Soon

Mike has a wide array of knowledge and experience in many fields, professions, and organizations spanning several years, including two years as a Concrete Repair Technician at Vector Corrosion Technologies, where he performed a variety of concrete repairs and corrosion prevention techniques. He also worked on the Gardiner Expressway and the Ottawa Water Reservoir. As a Rope Access Technician with Rope Access Maintenance (RAM), He completed similar work, but this work involved hanging from a 300-foot structure.

Mike was also the Co-owner and lead Site Manager of CanMultiCon completing a variety of contracting jobs.

He has been an active member of the Canadian forces for 13 years performing operations overseas and domestically.

Certifications include corrosion prevention, risk management, material management and personnel management. He is also a qualified Lav Driver, Gunner, and Crew Commander.


Ross Hackler

Originally from the central interior, Quesnel, BC, Ross grew up influenced by the forest industry and home mechanics.

Ross’ father always instilled a desire to learn, create, and fix things. He recalls helping his father clean parts as a child and now, in hindsight, wished he owned a laser instead of wire brushes.

After graduating high-school Ross worked in forestry and residential care before moving to Alberta. There he found work and a career in Fort McMurray in mining, where he ran a large variety of equipment and eventually transitioned into the extraction end of the industry. Currently Ross works in a primary oil extraction plant, where media blasting is extremely prevalent.

After being introduced to laser cleaning by current British Columbia representative and teammate, Brian Fischer, Ross quickly realized that there was a better way; a safer, and more environmentally friendly way to do things. 

Having a large number of contacts in industry that could utilize cutting edge technology like laser to make their projects more efficient and cleaner, Ross decided to reach out to President Ed Gledhill for more information on how to get into laser cleaning. 

After speaking with Ed it became quite clear that LaserClean is a company with great ethics and a vision that Ross can respect: teamwork, values, and a drive to introduce a great product. Ross has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and this opportunity is great fit and something Ross is passionate about. 

New Brunswick

Allan Saulnier

Coming Soon

Born in NS, working 26 years at sea, found a passion with lasers in 2022. Based out of Moncton,NB, Allan is presently working as 2nd Officer on the Fundy Rose(Ferry crossing from NB-NS),and Owner of Saulnierengravings. He will be expanding his laser experience with Laserclean.ca, offering bilingual service to the Atlantic provinces.