Laser-mounted robots: the future of nuclear cleanup


Source: by Paul Day (Reuters) Lasers strapped to autonomous aerial drones and free-moving robots may seem like science fiction but could soon be a reality for nuclear facility cleaning and decommissioning. Generating electricity from nuclear fission can be a messy affair, leaving work surfaces and equipment encrusted with hard-to-shift radioactive materials that can take […]

Laser Clean Ajax Supporting the fight against COVID-19

The Provincial government has put a call out to businesses for emergency products and innovative solutions to fight COVID-19 and Ajax businesses are responding! Laser Clean, an Ajax business that specializes in technology to uniquely and delicately handle rust and paint removal is working on a solution to decontaminate N95 masks to make them reusable. […]

New industrial laser cleaning service opens in Ontario

Removing black paint from a flat surface

Toronto, Ontario – A first of its kind laser cleaning and restoration service has just been launched in Ontario.  Laser Clean will bring environmentally friendly solutions to industrial and commercial businesses across Canada and in North America. LaserClean has full, mobile delivery capabilities, which means the company can bring the laser beam cleaning technology right […]