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Laser Cleaning Service

LaserClean is Canada’s first Laser Cleaning Service.

Our unique laser cleaning service allows our customers to reduce production interruptions and enhance productivity. Solving problems effectively and efficiently, helping our customers reach and exceed their goals.

A multitude of applications can be serviced onsite and below are just a few typical applications:

Removing the rust from a brake disk

Laser Cleaning is an economical alternative to traditional methods.

Laser Cleaning offers the most environmentally friendly solution available.

Removing rust from a curved object

LaserClean Works!

LaserClean superior laser cleaning service uses a fiber laser, the most effective version of cleaning for a multitude of surfaces. Laser cleaning has rapidly replaced some of the more traditional methods such as dry-ice blasting, pressure washing, or media blasting, due to the numerous benefits that it provides.

All contact processes are abrasive to varying degrees and have specific problems associated with them. These can be damaging to the materials that are being serviced.

Media Blasting: This method projects particulates at a surface at a rapid rate of speed, which essentially cuts a small layer off the surface being cleaned. Yes, it removes the contaminate but it also etches or damages the underlying surface dependent on the media being used; and the possibility for permanent damage is far greater, not to mention the consumables that are deposited. Deposits that leave a large amount of post-job clean up and containment barriers that have to be erected. Media blasting typically limits the amount of control and overspray requiring additional clean up.  This method can also prove to be very intrusive due to the nature of the materials being used.

We are open to regularly scheduled maintenance, please contact our team to discuss further. 

Stripping the finish off of wood using the LaserClean Process

Introducing our new LaserClean RAZOR and TITAN Machines

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